Nature of Running

Running. The Sakyong says, “Every run has challenges. The challenge is to be brave; not trying to escape boredom or discomfort, but relaxing with how things really are.”

(And here is the nature of things as they really are)

[1-2 Miles] Thoughts: Ok, I got this, I’ve done it before…oh, god, 13.1, really? Oooh, those are cool shoes, what’s the brand? OMG, look at all those Skinny Muscles…Am I in the right wave?…focus…focus…yeah, I got this.
Feeling tones: pleasant | painful (Hope, eagerness, dread)

[3-5 Miles] Thoughts: Oh, god. A hill. Did I just pull my Psoas? Form…stay in form…egads, where’s my pace group?
Feeling tones: painful (Discomfort, worry, dread)

[6-6.7 Miles] Thoughts: HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA, get out of my way, bichtes*! I GOT THIS! Gad, I’m so good. Check my muscular Quads pumping, yeah! You there, Skinny Muscles, stop crowding my glorious pace. I’m going to write that award-winning poem tonight, become a leader in all things, be noted for my magnetic personality, run for president…tonight. Right after I win this race.
Feeling tones: pleasant (Arrogance, irritability, euphoria)

[6.8-7.5 Miles] Thoughts: Oh god, I’m soooo sorry, I’m so sorry. I am nothing, nothing, just dirt, sand, tumbleweed in the wind, I want my life back, I want to be with my family, I love them so much…Universe, thank you, thank you for letting me live…my whole life, so much love, so much to learn. Oh, god, another hill.
Feeling tones: painful (Resignation, regret, humility)

[7.6-8.5 Miles] Thoughts: Wow, this is long. Hmmm, I could go faster…or, I could just walk. Or sit…nice lawn chairs, nice volunteers. Another hill, more road, more…more of the same…pain, concrete…oooh, who’s this lady? Huh, she’s really short…runs fast though…strong core muscles…
Feeling tones: neutral | painful (Boredom, discomfort, fatigue)

[8.6-10 Miles] Thoughts: Wow, I ran this far, not bad. My right IT band is killing me, but I can do this. The training really helped. There, that’s a good form, settling into my pace. The air feels great–breathing well. Hello, helpful and supportive crowds. Thank you, sweet volunteer, for this water. You took time off to cheer us on and hand us little Dixie cups full of life sustaining ambrosia. I don’t know your story, but I think I love you.
Feeling tones: pleasant (Gratitude, peace, hope)

[11.13.1 Miles] Thoughts: Steady, steady. Don’t rush it, the finish line isn’t going anywhere. Beautiful light. Steady breath, in…out…in. 3 in…2 out…steady. I’m running faster, wow! Beautiful air. Strong body. Focus. Thank you. There it is…here it is…I did it…
Feeling tones: pleasant (Gratitude, peace, joy)

* Long story, ask my dear friend, Anneliese Singh

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